Aqua Talent: Theatrical

Bedford Forrest Talent

Mavrick Artists Agency: Sports and Specialty

Stark Talent: Commercial


5'7 / 120 lbs



All Wrong  Series Regular  /BlackPills by HBO

Right This Minute  Guest Star  /20th Century Fox

Shameless  Co-Star  /Showtime 

1600 Penn  Co-Star  /NBC

New Girl  Co-Star  20th /Century Fox

The Glades Co-Star /A&E Network


The Rocking Horseman     Lead /dir. Matthew Modine

My Fathers Tapes     Lead  /Sweet Revenge Entertainment

Secondhand Hitman            Lead  /Pistol Pete Films

Give Me Your Children        Supporting  /US Holocaust Museum

New Media

Project Hollywood            Series Regular    /Couch Surfer Prod.

Tinder: In Real Life            Lead    /Just Another Production Prod. 

Awkward Dinner Date        Lead /Funny or Die Prod. 

Emoji Fail: Guys vs Girls  Lead  /Just Another Production Prod.

Dating Then vs Now  Lead  /Just Another Production Prod. 

Roomiez                Lead /Funny or Die Prod.

Roomiez 2                Lead  /Funny or Die Prod. 

Lets talk about…Lead /GP Media

Commercial (National*) (Full resume upon request)


Ford Motors*

Mercedes Benz

Suntrust Bank*

Budweiser national summer campaign (5)*

Checkers/ Ralleys*

Hada Labo Skincare




Theatre (Full Resume upon request)

Sweet Charity                Lead  Helene  /dir. Marguerite Bennett

Debt                    Lead  Molly  /dir. Rosemary Orlando

Laughing Stock            Lead  Mary Pierre  /dir. Myron Schmidt

Romeo and Juliet            Lead  Juliet  /dir. Sir Ian Wooldridge


BA Theatre/Minor in Dance   University of Tampa  /Grad 2011 

Anthony Gillardi Actors Studio    Current Student      /2014-current

UCB                    101  /2012

British American Drama Acad    Oxford University  /2010

Chris Collins Dance Company    Competitive dance/1999-2007

Special Skills:

Swimming, diving, extremely flexible, tennis, dialects: British (RP, London, Manchester) American- Southern (most regions) Californian, Midwest, New England, and New York (socialite), Irish, and Australian. Can cry on demand. Weapons and extensive stage combat experience.